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   ”Yes I do suck better than my mother and sister.”. The bitch boy’s drooling mouth made him an aggressive hunter, hungry for a load from a Man. The girl inside this ravenous and very lewd cum slut needed to show off.

  “I can’t find any one hung and serious. I will submit completely for you, suck slow and sloppy, smack myself with your cock, face fuck myself, gag and choke to your content, will swallow or take a facial, will service your balls, will kiss and worship your amazing snake, Sir. You can have your way with my throat and face… its all yours. I will be your on-call cock boy whenever I am free to service you. Please let me have your hot load of cum please please. I’ll even steal sis’s things to wear for you, Sir. I know how much you like her underwear, the pics I sent of her I stole off her phone showed my devotion. 

   I will be nasty, I will crawl and I will tell you all you want to know while you have your way with my face. I’d love to take a hot load to the face then slow suck you back to another load. But its your choice, Sir. I’d really enjoy sucking and rubbing that dick all over my face if you please give me a chance to serve you and submit to your abuse you will enjoy using me as your personal slut and cum dump. I’m eager and ready right now, Sir, I do need your services I crave it, you can be as rough and dominant as you need to be I will suck out as many loads and you instruct me to I will swallow your balls your load of hot cum. I will worship your cock and balls until Sir is satisfied I promise Sir, please let me suck it. 

   My dad was dominant but not like you. I need to submit and swallow you until my throat says no. I first sucked dick a year ago by a Black Dad with a monster like yours, he taught me to love facials and now I do love a good messy cum facial I’ve learned to love the taste and smell and everything about servicing a true Alpha cock. He moved to indiana though. 

   I’m begging you, please let me embrace your punishment and give you pleasure. I’m a young white boy that you can mold you can teach me to be your personal throaty. Please please please let me be your oral bitch I will suck it better than You have ever had or You can slap me like a true bitch. I will do anything You ask of me and I will be your personal slave. “.

   The cock-sucking sissy’s sister wondered why her newly purchased white lingerie has such a deep smell of bitch in them when she found them hidden in the cock-sucker’s bedroom closet.  After she received a copy of this video, she realized why her boyfriends liked to hang out with her older brother. The cock-sucking bitch didn’t want to send her a copy but it did, to earn another load from Me.

   The cock-sucker’s sister is now using this video to blackmail the sissy into doing her chores. She even makes him try on things for her friends to laugh at.

   By the way, his mom walked in on us as I made him tell how much better a cock-sucker he is than she was. I loved how her fingers went straight to her snatch to enjoy the show. 


   Cynthia was sucking Black Dick in the porn theater restrooms long before his daughter took his place. A family tradition, cock-sucking, it became the bond that made their family stronger. Every Thursday night, Cynthia would visit the local porn theater all dressed un in his wife’s underwear, the very things she wore the night before. Cynthia chose the last stall in the theater’s restroom, and made it a clean environment to swallow sperm that the hard Black men would bring this feminine cock-sucking vacuum.

   On the stall door was a sign that read, “Black Dick Only, white boys stay clear!”. Cynthia owned the theater, it was a family run business since porn became a showcase for the general public. Cynthia never worked the theater, only the hard Black Men who would visit knowing they could watch hard core lust and get a rigid Dick that would be serviced by a hungry cock-sucking father. On Monday they know Cynthia’s wife would be passed around in the dark room while she took on each and every Black Man who wanted her flesh. On the weekends they would visit as a pair, dressed like slutty twin sisters, and competing to see who could earn the l=most cum in a night.

   But this is Thursday night, and Cynthia can be herself.


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